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Husband and wife team David and Laurett Arenz have more than 30 years of experience in the financial services industry. They founded HERO’s Strategies Inc. with the intention of helping people retire with safer, smarter strategies than what conventional wisdom teaches us. We wrote the book The RAFT Strategy, which explains a method for producing a stream of tax-free income throughout retirement and protecting your savings from market volatility. We also host the financial radio show HERO’S Talk Audio. If you would like to improve your retirement plan and learn about little-known savings strategies, we strongly encourage you to contact us today.

David J. Arenz

David J. Arenz is a published author and nationally recognized expert on retirement income planning. He has spoken at many financial trade shows in the United States, and is known for his objectivity, transparency, and honesty. He is rigorously independent, representing only the major insurance and financial companies that meet his uncompromisingly high standards.

Dave was recently named one of the top financial coaches in the US and was judged on production, community involvement, an ability to connect with clients, a passion for working with seniors, and an exemplary compliance and suitability record.

With a financial background and personal experiences spanning companies such as Morgan Stanley, Charles Schwab, and Fidelity Investments, Dave brings informed clarity and insider wisdom to his clients. Dave formed HERO’S Strategies in 2004 with the belief that there should be a uniform strategy and philosophy to help clients meet their goals while providing guarantees for retirement savings.

HERO’S is built for the client who is seeking assurance and appreciates having it in writing. With the team at HERO’S each client can be assured of a uniform philosophy with a unique retirement plan built for them.

Dave received his B.S. in Business from Oswego State University in 1976 and continues to complete Advanced Training and Education Programs thru Major Financial Companies each year. In his spare time, Dave enjoys traveling to other countries and experiencing other cultures. He is also active in his Christian faith and serves as a Missionary Leader and a loving husband to his wife, Laurett. He is a proud parent to their 7 children and grandfather to 14. Dave enjoys volunteering his time with the Boy Scouts of America and fishing in the Gulf of Mexico while he and Laurett spend winter months in their South Florida home.


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Laurett E. Arenz

Laurett Ellsworth Arenz, BFA, co-hosts HERO’S Talk Radio with her husband Dave. The program airs in 45 markets nationwide. As a certified Behavioral Financial Advisor, Laurett combines her BA in Psychology with sound retirement planning principles. She loves knowing that she can help her clients plan their future and make a difference in their lives. Laurett also trains financial advisors all over the country on how to explain and offer the strategies discussed on HERO’S Talk Radio. These Strategic Wealth Coaches form the Freedom Financial Network and teach listeners about the strategies discussed in Laurett’s book, The RAFT Strategy: Your Retirement Approach Free of Tax & Other Safe Investing Secrets.Nicknamed “the Freedom Financial Angel,” Laurett has truly been an ‘angel’ to over 2000 clients who she has assisted with their retirement planning throughout the United States since 2005.  Laurett is hopeful the important message of securing assets through the programs she endorses will inspire Americans to take charge of their lives and prepare for the future. Laurett is the proud mother of seven and grandma of sixteen.

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David Arenz, Jr.

David Arenz, Jr. provides financial security advice and personalizes his services and products to match the client and their needs. As a strategic wealth coach, personally trained and mentored by his father, Dave Arenz, he is dedicated to learning about your personal goals. Whether you are purchasing your first home or financing a child’s post-secondary education, David will be there to assist you.  

David believes that a financial security plan must reflect your personal or business situation. So, he will work to highlight the financial products that fit your goals. Once your custom-tailored financial plan is in place, he will continue working with you to review achievements against your stated aims and will ensure that you are comfortable with everything moving forward.  

In his spare time, David enjoys supporting many initiatives in the community and dedicates time each year in helping these projects succeed.  


Tanner Ellsworth

Mentored by his mother Laurett Arenz, Tanner has gotten to know the field of retirement planning inside and out. Together, they have been providing successful financial strategies since 2012. They help people get more out of their retirement investments, and hope clients continue to trust them to do so. Tanner is also a marketing manager for HERO’S Talk Radio, personally working with strategic wealth coaches all over the country.  

Tanner knows that educating clients on safe strategies for healthy returns gives them peace of mind as they face their future. He hopes to continue giving that same peace of mind that Dave and Laurett’s clients feel.  

Tanner previously worked as a Cambodian linguist, which included serving as a Cambodian language teacher for the U.S. Army and interpreting for ethnic Cambodians in many situations, including medical, emergency response, legal and diplomatic interactions. He is also the proud husband of Savlin Ellsworth and the father of two sons and two daughters.  


Paul Seal

Having won several awards in the industry, Paul Seal stands out as a financial advisor. He understands that no two clients have the same needs and wants, especially when it comes to their financial future. That’s why he tailors his plans and products. Whether it be for retirement, college planning, or estate preservation, he is dedicated to building and protecting your wealth.  

In 1990, Paul started in the insurance industry helping clients with life, health, and disability insurance needs. Six years later he changed careers, starting a Design/Build Remodeling firm in northern Virginia. He eventually shaped it into a nationally rated Top 250 company. His passion for safe investing and the financial world has brought him back to becoming a strategic wealth coach. 

Paul is a Shippensburg University graduate with a degree in Business Finance. After receiving his Eagle Scout award, he was personally recognized by President Ronald Reagan. Paul loves spending free time with his wife Leslie and their two young sons.  

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Roland Hook

Roland began his financial services career in 1983 as a producing agent with Metropolitan Life in his home state of Virgina,where he still resides with his wife,Tiffany,in the Ashburn/Dulles area. Over the years he has been affiliated with a number of other insurance and financial services companies,including State Mutual,The New England,Reliastar Life and The Hartford.

Over the last 3 decades,Roland’s career has also included small business ownership. This combination of business ownership and financial services has helped him to grow in his appreciation for the importance of strategic
retirement and long-term wealth accumulation planning. As our most senior team member,Roland’s experience and training will help our clients to plan successfully for the years ahead.

Roland and Dave Arenz Sr.first became affiliated in the 1990’s and their professional relationshipis now taking another leap forward.We welcome Roland as the newest member of our successful Hero’s Strategies team!

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